Many people like to spruce up their hair through coloring or other treatment services. It is tempting to experiment with your hair to avoid a dull and monotonous look. Hair coloring and keratin treatment are excellent options that you can try to change your hair look. Ombre, balayage, full highlight, and partial highlight are some options that you can get in every salon.


Caring is essential if you want to get the best out of your hair treatment. Although you may get the best hair color service in New York, external factors like pollution and harsh weather can damage your hair color. But there is a way out, and that is caring.

The following points can help you know how to take care of your hair coloring and treatment-

  1. Hydrate

You can maintain the luster of hair color by adding moisture to it. After treating your hair with color, you can start regular oiling after seeking suggestions from your hairdresser. Also, try to add conditioner after shampooing to maintain shine in the hair.

  • Wash with the right shampoo

A color-treated hair care regimen differs from the usual hair care, so is the shampoo. Sulfate-ridden shampoo can fade away the color and also lead to moisture loss. Instead, try to purchase a sulfate-free shampoo that locks moisture and luster in your hair.

  • Hair nourishing mask

The hair mask is something that can keep your hair color intact for a longer time. You can discuss with your hair colorist to explore suitable hair masks for color-treated hair.

You can take care of color-treated hair with the help of the above points. There are also some suggestions for people who have recently got hair treatment. Crissel New York Hair Salon experts also provide hair caring suggestions to their clients after providing the best keratin hair services in New York. Here is the list of suggestions from our experts that can help you maintain your beautiful hair-

  1. Use a silk pillow for sleeping to increase the life of your keratin-treated hair.
  2. Try to use hair care products meant for treated hair; you can discuss the products with your hairdresser.
  3. Try to avoid exposure to moisture immediately after getting a keratin hair treatment.

Crissel New York Hair Salon is one of its kind. It is a pioneer to offer on-trend hair color and style service in New York. After evaluation, we provide services to every hair type and determine personalized hair needs.

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