Using the hair product can be a game changer for your hair. But the problem is finding the right hair products that suit your hair is a very challenging task. Knowing your hair type properly will only help you find professional hair care products that make your hair last longer and stay in shape.

Determining the hair type is essential before choosing hair care products. Randomly choosing hair products without knowing the hair type can also lead to hair damage. No matter how expensive or better-quality hair care products are, it does not make sense if it does not suit your hair type. Therefore, it is extremely important to determine the hair type before ordering any professional hair care products.

Following are the factors in determining the hair type before buying any hair care product;

  • Texture – Hair texture basically falls into three categories- fine, medium, and thick. The thickness affects how they will reach the hair care products. Take a strand of hair, and press it between your thumb and finger. If you don’t feel anything, your hair is very fine, which means they are sensitive to damage. However, if you somewhat feel your hair, then you have a normal or medium texture. If you feel hair properly between your finger and thumb, you have thick hair.
  • Porosity – Porosity basically defines as the ability of the strand to retain and absorb moisture. The simplest way to find it is to take a bowl of water and place a strand into it. If the strand sinks quickly, it has higher porosity, meaning it is a damaged hair due to tears and gaps in the cuticle. However, if it keeps floating in the water, it has lower porosity. It also means that the moisture and hair products are harder to absorb for such strands. But if the strand stays suspended in the middle, you have medium porosity, which is normal hair. No special care is required for such hair types. You can confidently use hair products on such hair types.
  • Special hair types – There are other factors as well before choosing any hair care products. For instance, if your hair has dandruff, you have an itchy and dry scalp. In that case, you need first to use dandruff shampoo to remove dandruff from your hair. Once the dandruff issue is completely resolved, you can use other hair care products.
  • Shape – You may have curly, straight, and coiled hair. Their treatment would be different as well. Remember, curly and wavy hair is highly prone to frizz and dryness, whereas straight hair is more susceptible to a lack of volume and luster. According buy the hair products.


Find the Right hair Care Product

Now you most probably have an idea what your hair type is. You should check out the best hair care products and carefully read the instructions to use them. It will ensure desired results and no damage to your beautiful hair. Crissel New York Salon is right here to offer you high-quality professional hair styling products at a very affordable price. Check out today!

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