How To Determine The Hair Type Before Buying Hair Care Products?

Hair Care Products

Using the hair product can be a game changer for your hair. But the problem is finding the right hair products that suit your hair is a very challenging task. Knowing your hair type properly will only help you find professional hair care products that make your hair last longer and stay in shape. Determining the […]

Keratin Hair Treatments and Reasons to Get One

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For a long time, keratin hair treatment has been a buzzword. Keratin has replaced rebounding as the preferred treatment in hair salons. A keratin treatment, also known as a Brazilian blowout or Brazilian keratin treatment, is a chemical technique that may straighten hair for up to 6 months and is commonly done in a salon. […]

Tips For Hair Care After Coloring And Treatment

Tips for hair care after coloring and treatment

Many people like to spruce up their hair through coloring or other treatment services. It is tempting to experiment with your hair to avoid a dull and monotonous look. Hair coloring and keratin treatment are excellent options that you can try to change your hair look. Ombre, balayage, full highlight, and partial highlight are some […]